TinyTokens TINY
Price: Low Liquidity(USD) Total Supply: 0.001(Billion)
Diluted Market Cap: Low Liquidity(Billion USD) Analyse Contract: 0x7B74Fa93E623737F2219112BB9D2e3761ca48112


TinyTokens Minter Current HODL % - 68.5126 58692

$TINY is the first MULTI-reflection token which earns PASSIVE INCOME paid in ETH, ADA and BUSD automatically! Simply hold 200 $TINY token to get rewarded in ETH, ADA and BUSD to profit from the big players in the cryptoverse! With our auto-claim feature, you’ll receive your rewards automatically to your wallet every 60 minutes! Hold $TINY as long as you want and sell them whenever you want. $TINY also includes a dynamic fee system to provide real whale control, where large transactions pay much more fees than normal transactions. This is so far the first token in the BSC ecosystem with these features!

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