About Us

For the Community

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts, traders always on a lookout for next Bitcoin/Ethereum/Binance coin. With an experience of more than half a decade, we decided to give back to the community by identifying the next go-to coin by listing on the website. Browse the list, stay updated and vote your favorite coin.

For Developers/entrepreneur

We provide you a very cheap solution of advertising your coin in less than 50 to 100 USD per day charge and that too in your own crypto coin. Contact us with your offer. The only requirement we have is coin listing on Pancakeswap.finance.

In order to server the community better, we have another way of promoting your coin,

We list your coin in promoted section

You pin the listed coin profile in your telegram/discord or any other social networking sites

Ask your community members to vote for your project, if it has highest votes, your coin will be displayed in premium section(image/banner)

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