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Warning : This website provides no warranty whatsoever for scanning/displaying the content of token scanned on BSC Network. The scan results are no investment advice. Use your money after due deligence. ;)
Red Dot: High value transaction to unverified contract found; !SELF: Owner function in contract missing; Liquidity: Measured for PancakeSwap only;
Best combination: High Burn/High Liquidity/Low Supply/Ownership Renounced/False Honeypot

# Token Name Ini. Supply(B) Tot. Supply(B) Cir. Supply(B)
(Inc. Burn)
Burn(%) Liquidity Ownership Honeypot Status
81 Roaring 20s 1.00e+12 1.00e+12 1.00e+12 5.00e+01(%) 9.64e+00(%) Self False
82 Very Safe Token 1.00e+03 1.00e+03 1.00e+03 0.00e+00(%) 4.52e+00(%) !Self False
83 Metahamster 1.00e+07 1.00e+07 1.00e+07 0.00e+00(%) 3.71e+00(%) Self False
84 BEP20UpgradeableProxy 5.00e-01 3.60e-02 3.60e-02 0.00e+00(%) Could not Determine !Self False
85 BabyNewYear 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 1.00e+00 4.48e+00(%) 8.09e+01(%) Self True
86 CateCoin 1.00e+05 1.00e+05 1.00e+05 1.36e+01(%) 1.79e+00(%) Self False
87 Pool Token 3.00e-02 3.00e-02 3.00e-02 1.13e+00(%) 1.71e+01(%) Transferred False
88 NiubiToken 2.50e-05 5.56e-02 5.56e-02 2.85e+00(%) 2.32e+00(%) Transferred False
89 SafeMoon 1.00e+06 1.00e+06 1.00e+06 4.37e+01(%) 4.25e+00(%) Transferred False

Promoted Crypto Token

Name Symbol Minter % HODL Total Supply(B) Vote Count
HeyMario HeyMario HEYMARIO 25.0 100 12527
TinyTokens TinyTokens TINY 68.5126 0.001 58700
NFTBOOKS NFTBOOKS NFTBS 4.48394 100000000 34643

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